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How (and where) To Buy Bitcoins With Credit Cards

We’ve been doing plenty of research in the Bitcoin realm.  One of the first things one needs to do to start buying, selling, trading, and just generally using Bitcoin is to acquire some.

How To Get Bitcoins

buy bitcoins with a credit card image
You can easily buy bitcoins with a credit card these days.

One of the easiest ways for people to get some Bitcoin is to buy some with a credit card.

We found a good article from a trustworthy site that provides good cryptocurrency news and information.

Cryptolix.com has written a good article about how to buy bitcoin with a credit card and you can see it Here.

What To Do With It?

Once you have acquired some bitcoin you might wonder what to do with it if you aren’t just planning on sitting on it and waiting for the price to rise.  That will be the subject of future articles here on Filoblogija.

More Companies Selling Goods For Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

As the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin in particular) frenzy starts to gain traction with the masses it seems that there is near daily news of big companies starting to accept payment in Bitcoin.

Dell computers, Overstock.com, Travel and Entertainment sites, and even Paypal is going to get in on the Bitcoin frenzy.

We’ll be posting more about the cryptocurrency market soon.  Stay tuned!

Gambling At Online Casinos As Entertainment

Many times I find myself feeling like I’d like to be at a casino sitting at a blackjack table, sipping a cool beverage and enjoying the cost of entertainment not worrying about money.


After all… I came to the casino knowing that if I left $100 dollars lighter that it was in my best interest.  I needed a break.  That’s why I came here.

I had one hundred dollars (or Euros) to burn, and all I wanted was a “break” from reality.  It didn’t really matter if I lost it all.  It was the “cost of entertainment”.  Like a really nice dinner and drinks out on the town.

The Advent Of Cryptocurrency Gambling

There once was a time where I could spend my boring evenings at home playing in a nice online poker room gambling away the time and some money, but then the good ‘ol government took away my fun.

They outlawed my right to do what I please.  No longer could I do what I wanted with my own money.  Those were some sad days.

The Good Times Are Back!

With recent advances in Cryptocurrency and anonyminity online I can once again while away the hours playing my favorite online casino games.

Cryptocurrency Has Answered My Prayers

I can once again gamble online.  I have found a way.  Not only can I turn my Euros (and dollars) into more and more money, I can do it anonymously.  Thank God for Cryptocurrency.

I found a site that pointed me in the right direction.  I have learned about Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin gambling online.  I found it at this site.  Thank you Cryptocurrency!